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Satellite TV Subscribers Guide

Signing up for a satellite TV service is a complicated process. Entertainment from watching shows, movies, and sports on television should be of premium quality in order for viewers to achieve maximum satisfaction and total enjoyment. With a plethora of choices, it really becomes a difficult task for us to pick the right Satellite TV provider. However, to make things simple and to narrow down the choices it is worth noting that there are only two satellite TV subscribers that lead the pack. Dish Network and Direct TV.

In essence, satellite TV programming is a technology which enables TV programs to be delivered communication satellites instead of the traditional physical connections which cable TV application primarily uses. A satellite dish is installed on top of the roof or within a subscriber’s residential property. It serves to receive television programming and then transmits it to a set top box which is also connected to one or more television units. There are several advantages of using satellite TV services when compared alongside cable TV services:

  • Clearer digital reception
  • High-quality digital audio
  • Hundreds of channels to choose from
  • Cheaper than cable TV subscription
  • Premium access to the hottest channels such as sports channels
  • Highly accessible in-demand international TV programs
  • 95% to 99% local channel availability
  • Free high definition equipment
  • Free installation

Although satellite TV is a relatively new technology, subscription is far cheaper than cable TV. This is due to the fact that lesser materials and components are needed for installation and maintenance. Moreover, the ever growing demand for satellite TV, in effect, has made the prices for materials more affordable as well. There are over 25 million homes that are installed with satellite TV. This cutting edge technology has undoubtedly made the viewing experience of millions of Americans a whole lot better.

Currently, there are two companies that dominate the satellite TV industry. Dish Network and Direct TV are competing neck and neck for the top spot for many years now. And with all the features and offerings that these companies have, it becomes quite confusing to determine which between the two brings the most bang for your buck.  Here are a few things about Dish Network and Direct TV that might just help you in choosing the better satellite TV provider that can cater to your viewing needs.

Dish Network

  • Free installation for up to four television units
  • Monthly subscription fee starts at $19.99
  • Free equipment upgrade to DVR
  • Free equipment upgrade to HD devices
  • Special programming for HD viewing

Direct TV

  • Free installation for up to four television units
  • One month free satellite TV programming
  • Monthly subscription rate starts at $49.99
  • Premium access to international, in-demand programming
  • Rebate for Direct TV DVR equipment
  • Special programming for HD viewing

As you can see, Dish Network delivers its satellite TV services for half the price of what Direct TV offers. It can therefore be included that Dish Network is far a better choice for homeowners working on tight budget.

Available Channels

Dish Network features up to 340 channels for their America’s everything package. This is perfect for those who are into heavy TV viewing or for households with 5 or 6 family members. Since the installation can be up to 4 rooms, each and family member will have numerous options to choose from.

You would expect that Direct TV would offer more channels given that they are selling their services for $49.99 per month. Despite the expensive price tag, Direct TV only offers up to 250 channels in all. For those looking to maximize features and enjoy savings, Direct TV may not have the most reasonable satellite TV packages in the market,

Dish Network currently has the following packages for residential owners:

  • America’s top packages
  • Latino packages
  • International basic
  • Chinese basic

Their international package includes:

  • Asia
  • South Asia
  • Middles East
  • Europe
  • South America
  • Africa

Direct TV on the other hand sets their packages differently. Here are the standard packages that the company currently offers:

  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Choice Extra
  • Choice Ultimate
  • Premier

They have a wider range of international packages:

  • Spanish
  • Brazilian
  • Cantonese
  • Filipino
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • South Asian
  • Vietnamese

In terms of sports channels, Direct TV seems to have a wider selection of sports-oriented channels. Sports fanatics will love the fact that Direct TV has almost 16 special channels for sports. Dish Network only features 10 sports channels. If you are not much a sports fan, you may simply choose Dish Network’s sports package as it is more affordable to subscribe to as well.

The cutting-edge equipment that is used in place to facilitate satellite TV viewing are relatively inexpensive when purchased from both providers. First time subscribers are even entitled to free equipment when they sign up for a minimum of two years under Dish Network and DirectTV.

Additional features and equipment that are offered by DirectTV and Dish Network are as follows:


  • DirectTV everywhere
  • Whole Home DVR
  • On-demand
  • HD on-screen guide
  • 3D viewing

Dish Network

  • HD receivers
  • DVR receivers
  • Standard receivers
  • Hopper & joey
  • TV everywhere
  • Google TV

Customers are deemed to return the equipment if they decide to switch satellite TV services. Once you have completed the lock-in period, you may keep the equipment and continue subscribing to their services free of charge.

Looking at the features and qualities of both service providers, there really is no better way of choosing the best t than through assessment of personal needs. Remember that you do not need up to 250 to300 channels to enjoy watching the excellent video and sound quality brought about by best satellite TV Reviews. All you need is a reliable company that renders its services at affordable prices.

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